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Alan Ayckbourn's website is being continually updated and refreshed. This page tracks updates to the website offering details of where new information has been added to the site. A list of FAQs related to the administration of the website can be found here.
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Updates (2017)

14 February: Absent Friends section updated.
8 February:
The Norman Conquests section updated.
3 February:
Alan Ayckbourn 60 Years At The SJT: 1962 - 1963 added to the blog.
1 February: Round & Round The Garden section updated.
31 January:
Living Together section updated.
30 January:
Table Manners section updated.
27 January:
Alan Ayckbourn 60 Years At The SJT: 1960 - 1961 added to the blog.
26 January:
Documentaries & Careers: BBC updated.
24 January:
Absurd Person Singular section updated.
23 January:
Time & Time Again section updated.
19 January:
Inner Circle event details added.
16 January:
Background updated at How The Other Half Loves alongside update of section.
11 January: FAQs added to The Sparrow alongside update of section.
6 January:
Alan Ayckbourn's 60th anniversary at the Stephen Joseph Theatre is marked with the start of a weekly feature on the Ayckbourn Blog.
5 January:
Background & Behind The Scenes updated at Relatively Speaking.
4 January: FAQs added to Mr Whatnot alongside update of section.