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As well as being an essential reference tool for information regarding Alan Ayckbourn and his plays, the website offers several other related services. The website is administered by Alan Ayckbourn's archivist Simon Murgatroyd - an expert on the playwright - and has access both to Simon and extensive archival material relating to Alan Ayckbourn.

Press Enquiries
The website frequently deals with enquiries from the press and media regarding Alan Ayckbourn. The Press Centre has press releases for forthcoming Ayckbourn events and contact details for press enquiries. The website has also been involved in aiding research for a number of major documentaries and publications about Alan Ayckbourn.
if you have a press enquiry, please visit the
Press Centre for contact details.

Research Enquiries

The website is happy to receive research enquiries about Alan Ayckbourn, his plays and his career. We will always endeavour to help or advise with enquiries and questions relating to Alan Ayckbourn. Send your questions to:
Note: If your enquiry is about accessing the Ayckbourn Archive, enquiries should be directed to the Borthwick Archive at the University of York.

Student Enquiries
Again, the website is happy to hear from students researching Alan Ayckbourn and his plays - with genuine enquiries. Please ensure you have read the relevant section of the website (and the play itself!) before sending questions as answers to most student related questions can be found within the Plays or Biography section or in the play itself. Questions can be sent to:
Note: Please do not send your essay questions to the website, they will be returned unanswered and please do not contact the website for a synopsis / summary of a play. Read the play first!

Marketing Enquiries
Theatre press and marketing departments are welcome to contact the website with enquiries; the website has frequently helped with enquiries about images, article reproductions and research enquiries with regard to specific plays. Please email any questions to:
Talks & Lectures
Simon Murgatroyd has given a number of talks / lectures regarding Alan Ayckbourn, his plays and his connection with Stephen Joseph and the Stephen Joseph Theatre over the years. He is available - subject to availability, fee and travel expenses - to give talks on the playwright and his plays. As well as offering general talks about the playwright and his career, he is able to tailor talks to specific plays, themes or aspects of Alan Ayckbourn's career.
Simon is a specialist on Alan Ayckbourn's early career in the theatre as well as his early and lost plays. If you would like to enquire about the possibility of talks, please email:
Note: The availability of Simon Murgatroyd for talks is limited and based around his full-time job working for Alan Ayckbourn.

Articles Commissions / Reproductions
It is possible to commission both original articles and reproduce existing articles on this website by contacting Simon Murgatroyd.
Simon Murgatroyd is available to write original commissions regarding Alan Ayckbourn and his plays and he has been extensively professionally published.
We can also facilitate reproduction of certain articles on the website - although permission must always be requested before reproduction. Many articles by both Alan Ayckbourn and Simon Murgatroyd are available for either free reproduction or for a nominal fee. Contact if you are interested in reproducing articles for publication.

Sponsor A Play
If you’d like to support the website and its work, why not sponsor a play. For just £60, you can have a sponsor’s banner on pages related to a specific play. Visit the
Sponsorship page for more details.