Alan Ayckbourn: Press & Media Enquiries

The Official Alan Ayckbourn Website offers resources for the press and the media as well as for theatre marketing departments.

If you have an enquiry regarding Alan Ayckbourn or his plays, please contact Alan Ayckbourn's Media Administrator, Simon Murgatroyd, at

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At A Glance - Press / Media Contacts

General Enquiries
Simon Murgatroyd:
Phone: 07473 499686 (9am - 3.30pm GMT, Mondays to Thursdays)

Agent (Cassarotto Ramsay)
Mel Kenyon:
Imogen Sarre:

Photograph Enquiries
Simon Murgatroyd:

Stephen Joseph Theatre productions
Jeannie Swales:
Phone: 01723 370540

Other Ayckbourn Productions
The relevant theatre / press office - please do NOT contact the Stephen Joseph Theatre or this website

Research Enquiries
Simon Murgatroyd:

Current Ayckbourn Directed Productions

A comprehensive list of forthcoming Ayckbourn productions can be found at What's On.

Details of 2020 productions to be announced soon.

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