Frequently Asked Questions: What's On Listings & Policies

This page contains Frequently Asked Questions regarding the website's What's On page and policies. If you have any other questions, please contact the website via the Contact Us Page.

Production Listings On The Website

Please note, the What's On page only carries listings submitted to this website by the relevant company / venue. Neither this website nor Alan Ayckbourn are automatically notified of any productions nor does the website search the internet for forthcoming productions. The only way we know of productions is if details are submitted to the website.

To list a production on this website, get in touch via the
Submit A Production page or email the relevant details to


What's On / Listings FAQs

Who do you carry listings for?
We carry listings on the What's On page for professional companies presenting Ayckbourn productions and events.

How do I get a production onto the What's On page?
Send the relevant details of the production via the Submit A Production page or by emailing The listings will then be updated with the details as soon as possible.

What details of the production do you need?
Due to space and time constraints, we only carry basic listing so please submit: title of the show; venue; whether it's amateur or professional; dates of performance. If there is a relevant website or Facebook page for the production, please also send the weblink and we endeavour to include it.

Don't you automatically get notified of productions?
No. Whilst it is frequently assumed that either the website or Alan Ayckbourn is automatically made aware of every production of his plays, this is not the case. The only productions we are guaranteed to have details of are those which Alan Ayckbourn is directly involved with. The website is not aware of other productions unless specifically notified.

Why doesn't the website just search the internet for Ayckbourn production listings?
This website consists of more than 3,000 pages all maintained and updated by one person as just one small part of their responsibilities. There is neither the time nor resources for the site to compile its own listings as well as there being no single comprehensive source of reliable information to draw the information from.

Will you Tweet / Retweet details of the production?
No. The official Ayckbourn Twitter page is currently not active.

Why don't you carry more details on the listings page?
Space and time. We have neither the space nor time in go into detail about productions. Previous experience also suggests visitors to the site just want the basics. If they are interested, they will seek further details themselves. The website is also primarily a research resource and its main concern is providing information about Alan Ayckbourn and his plays.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the website via

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