Frequently Asked Questions: Productions & Licensing

This page Frequently Asked Questions regarding producing Alan Ayckbourn's plays and licenses. If you have any other questions, please contact the website via the Contact Us Page.

Further details about play licenses and performing Alan Ayckbourn's plays can be found in the
Plays section.

Can you tell me if a certain play is available for production?
Generally speaking, if Samuel French has published a play, then it is available for production by amateur companies. Most of Alan's plays are available for professional production. The Stage A Play pages of the website has details of current professional and amateur availability of all of Alan Ayckbourn's plays and details about professional and amateur performing rights and licenses can be found on the Performance Licences page.

Can I alter a play-script for production purposes?
No. The production license for all Ayckbourn plays specifically states no alterations may be made to the script without permission - this includes changing the sex of characters and cutting 'bad' language. The play license is a contract and altering the script without permission breaks the contract and may result in action from the licensees including prohibiting further productions of Alan and other playwright's work. Further details about professional and amateur performing rights and licenses can be found on the Performance Licences page.

How do I obtain professional performing rights for Alan Ayckbourn's plays - for the United Kingdom or abroad?
All queries should be directed to Alan Ayckbourn's agent at Casarotto Ramsay & Associates, 3rd Floor, 7 Savoy Court, The Strand, London, WC2R 0EX. Telephone 00 44 20 7287 4450 or on e-mail:

How do I obtain amateur performing rights for Alan Ayckbourn's plays outside the United Kingdom?
All queries should be directed to Samuel French. Samuel French both publishes Alan Ayckbourn's plays as well as licensing amateur productions. Full details can be found at

On the Samuel French website, it says 'This title is currently restricted in London', what does this mean? Should we still apply for a license?
Definitely apply for a license. There are very few titles restricted in London and it is always worth contacting them about applying for a license. Whilst there are occasions when a play is unavailable, the majority of Ayckbourn plays are available to perform in London at any given time.

How do I obtain props or further information about a play I am producing?
Unfortunately I am unable to supply information about props or costumes for plays. Enquiries of this nature are best directed to your local theatre or professional prop stores / hire.

Can I advertise an amateur or professional Alan Ayckbourn production on the site?
The site carries submitted listings for both amateur and professional productions of Alan's work on the What's On page. Please send pertinent details of the play (title, venue, dates) via the Contact Us page. Please note, we only list submitted productions - the website is not automatically made aware of productions, if you haven't contacted us, please don't expect us to list or know about the production.

What is the website's relationship with Dick & Lottie theatre company and why does it feature the company's work?
In 2015, Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website became the patron of Dick & Lottie - the UK's only company exclusively dedicated to the works of Alan Ayckbourn - to mark the company's 30th Ayckbourn production. The company's dedication to Alan's plays and its directing ethos led to the decision to award the website's only patronage to the company, with the blessing of Alan Ayckbourn. As a result, the company and its productions are featured on the blog (alongside Alan's home theatre, the Stephen Joseph Theatre) and the website because of the association between the two; this is a unique situation and otherwise the website will continue to promote listings for other companies but will not feature them.

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