Frequently Asked Questions: Social Media

This page contains Frequently Asked Questions regarding Alan Ayckbourn's social media presence. If you have any other questions, please contact the website via the Contact Us Page.

Are there any official Ayckbourn social media pages?
Just Instagram, YouTube, and Wordpress. The Instagram account is @ayckbourn_playwright; the Ayckbourn news blog on Wordpress is @archivingayckbourn; the Ayckbourn YouTube Channel is @AlanAyckbournPlaywright and there is also a Podcasts/ Audio resources page on the blog. These are all run by the playwright's Archivist in association with this website. These are the only active and official social media page either affiliated to or endorsed by Sir Alan Ayckbourn. It should be noted the official Ayckbourn Twitter account (@Ayckbourn) is not currently active due to the ongoing issues with the social media site.

Does Sir Alan Ayckbourn have any personal social media accounts?
No. Sir Alan himself does not use social media in any form. Any account not officially listed - see above - as being run by this website is neither affiliated to nor endorsed by Sir Alan Ayckbourn and should be regarded as a fake account and reported.

What About Twitter?
There is currently no official Ayckbourn Twitter page - the @Ayckbourn Twitter account is currently inactive due to the ongoing issues with Twitter. Any account posting material pertaining to be Alan Ayckbourn is a fake account. The playwright's Archivist, Simon Murgatroyd, does post news and material relating to the playwright on Twitter @archivingalana.

What About Facebook?
This website does run a page on Facebook, but it mainly consists of feeds from the Ayckbourn Instagram account. We do not actively engage with Facebook. Any other Facebook account purporting to be connected to either Sir Alan or this website is a fake and should be reported and blocked as it may be being utilised for phishing purposes.

What About Youtube?
There is an official Youtube channel which contains both curated and collated videos including interviews with the playwright.

Other Social Media?
Anything purporting to be associated with Alan Ayckbourn that is not on his official Instagram account, Wordpress, Youtube channel, Facebook, Podcasts (Wordpress) or this website is not official nor affiliated to nor endorsed by Sir Alan Ayckbourn. Please be wary of interacting with these pages / accounts.

How Do I find Official News Regarding Social Media?
This website is the official source of all information and news relating to Sir Alan Ayckbourn and his plays. With more than 3,500 pages of information, it comprehensively covers his life and work. The official Instagram account - @Ayckbourn_Playwright - carries regular news and Ayckbourn-related facts, the Alan Ayckbourn - The Archivist's Blog on Wordpress carries articles relating to Alan Ayckbourn, his plays and his home theatre - the Stephen Joseph Theatre, whilst the website's Youtube channel has playlists of archived videos - including interviews - with Alan Ayckbourn as well as original material. The Facebook page is largely just a feed page.

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